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How did I get into this....

As a Nurse Practitioner I have been caring for patients with chronic conditions, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive tract issues, or pulmonary conditions for almost a decade now and as an acute care RN even longer.

It bothered me that all, I learnt in school, were mostly pharmacological interventions.

I started looking at my patients as whole.

Besides prescribing medications and repeating lab work, I started telling my patients to eat right and exercise.

But it was like telling depressed person to cheer up.

I looked into a further training and became Certified Health Coach.

It was great, I knew how to help my patients to change their lifestyle and positively impact their health.

However, what became even more clear was, that there is not enough broccoli in a world and not enough hours spent in a gym, if my patient was living in a constant stress.

It was strange at first talking to my patients about their spiritual practices, but it was clear that their relationships with themselves and others, the daily stressors, rumination, and worries were affecting their health as much as the junk food and lack of movement.

I learnt that, in some cases if you really want to improve your health, you have to address your state of mind by implementing daily meditation practices into your life and everything else will follow.

The quality of sleep improves, relationships get mended, and it becomes easier to follow healthy habits, because there is no need for junk food and substances to soothe and numb your tired soul.

I personally battled chronic daily heart burn for years. I underwent two esophagogastroduodenoscopies (EGD), one of them with Bravo test, took medication (PPI), diet, but it wasn't until I started my daily meditation practice that my digestive issues subsided and I was able to heal.

If my story resonates with you, email me your story, reach out to me via FB @healthymindbykaterina or IG Healthy Mind By Katerina.  

I will look forward chatting with you.

Wishing you always more freedom, love, and peace

Katerina Perez

Certified Health Coach

Guided Meditation Facilitator

Nurse Practitioner

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